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Re: Tasks, please volunteer!

From: Harvey Bingham <hbingham@ACM.org>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 21:10:42 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
At 15:22 1998/03/10 -0500, Jutta wrote:
>Could everyone please volunteer for your favorite recommendation. I have
>listed them below. We will then compile all the draft recommendations by
>March 23 and schedule a conference call to go over them for that same week.
>Proposed times are Wednesday March 25 3pm EST or Friday March 27 11 am EST.
I'll be at XML conference in Seattle then, so not available.
>The recommendations we need volunteers for are (please send you choice to
>the list):
>Please feel free to volunteer for more than one)
>1. Style Sheets
>2. Images and Image Maps
>3. Applets and Scripts
>4. Audio and Video
>5. Text, Symbols, Punctuation, Phrases, and Paragraphs
>6. Lists and Outlining
>7. Tables 
Harvey Bingham
>8. Links
>9. Frames (Scott has volunteered)
>10. User-Input Forms
>11. If All Else Fails...
>12. Good Web Site Design Practices
Harvey Bingham -- as tester and serious exploiter of Bobby
?13. Accessibility for XML/XLL/XSL?
Harvey Bingham
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