Prod. 46 and empty content of pEntities refered to

I was just playing around with T. Allen's "DuckBook".

I came across one thing that causes me some
headache (took a long time to find a solution for it).
(And I still don't like it, and it is not really general)

Prod 46 contains the section : "(%AttDef+)+"

What does this mean for pEntities of the form

<!ENTITY pe "">


I believe, that it is not legal XML (according to the spec) do have
like the pe above (However, many people may wish to use it, I guess).

It will definitely be a pain for people that use LL type parsers
like me.

It is getting worse if you have consecutive references to
empty pEntities in the Attlist (via AttDef).
(I could manage, so that NXP can deal with one empty PERef, 
as of today)

Best regards,
Norbert H. Mikula

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