Re: Error handling: yes, I did mean it

At 10:44 AM 4/23/97, Peter Flynn wrote:

>I'd add:
>        3. At user option, an XML parser may pass the remaining text
>        of the document (markup plus content) to the application (or
>        to the user if the parser is standalone) prefixed by a signal
>        or message to the effect that it is unparsed.
>This gives apps the option of letting a user turn on the switch marked
>"Show me full text even if there are errors". The app can then conduct
>its own interpretation of the remaining text.

Are you really still prohibiting the *parser* from attempting to make
what sense it can from the "remaining text"?  Sounds like that means
each application that wanted to do what it could would have to have
a built-in error-correcting parser, and the "real" parser and the
application would have to pass the material up to the first error
(which has been already parsed and is not part of the "remaining text"
as defined).

Dave Peterson