Re: Linking to stylesheets in XML

> IMHE they are often not actually required by statute, just conventions
> that have been around so long they have acquired the status of law.
> This is certainly true of three cases I have been involved with (in the
> UK, France, and Austria). In the USA, though, they may have been
> codified, or be the subject of governmental regulations if not actual
> law.

In most cases they are actually in the state laws.  Some county recorders
will not accept documents that don't conform, others will just assign a

There is a story at on of my clients about a "gray haired lady" at a county
recorder office who's husband is a printer.  She actually got out a printer's
rule and measured *every* typeface for conformance to the laws on type size.
They had an issue with actual type size versus the character size on the
printed page.  She wouldn't budge and they couldn't record it.  Silly, but 
that's life in the banking industry.

> But this all belongs in a stylesheet: did I miss something?

No, you really didn't miss anything.  It absolutely belongs in a stylesheet.
I am just trying to make a case for a "higher level" of print-oriented
control so I can send legal documents and have a user be able to have a
binding document when they print.

My vote: DSSSL (obviously).

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