Re: Error handling in XML

> Todd Freter wrote:
> > Shouldn't the author, the generator of the document, have a say in whether the
> > XML application should be kind or rigorous? Maybe this is crazy, but why not
> > let the author state an intention:
> > 
> > <?XML VERSION="1.0" WF="NO"?>
> I think that there is something seriously wrong if an author is giving
> this much thought to how to get their invalid document accepted rather
> than on how to just fix it. Correct documents should be our goal.
>  Paul Prescod

As someone who has advanced SGML documents and authoring systems against the
motivated and spirited opposition of vengeful technical writers, I support the
goal of correct documents. Believe me.

I also agree that there's something wrong with an author giving so much
thought to getting an ill formed document accepted rather than fixing it. But
an author may not have time to fix things, and publishing in HTML may not be
an option for the author.

I agree with your and others' proposals that different XML apps should not be
constrained to an all-or-nothing WFness error-handling policy. But if the
all-or-nothing view prevails in the XML specification, then perhaps a means
for the document to negotiate with the application isn't so inappropriate. I'd
prefer that the negotiation not be necessary.