Re: Linking to stylesheets in XML

Alex Milowski writes:
 > 7. Legal print documents.  I must be able to deliver semantics for a XML 
 > document that allows a user to hit "print" and they will get a legal *print* 
 > document.  I have many clients who absolutely need this.  

But how important is page-fidelity in achieving a "legal" print
document?  DSSSL does not promise page fidelity.  Section 6.3.2
states, in part:

  DSSSL allows enough flexibility in the specification that it is not
  tied to a set of composition or formatting algorithms, i.e.,
  line-breaking, page-breaking, or whitespace distribution
  algortithms, used by any particular formatting system. ... The
  output of the formatter, undefined in this International Standard,
  is a formatted document suitable for printing and imaging.

James Clark puts it much more succintly in a slide from a presentation

  No page/line fidelity (use PostScript/photocopier)

Do your clients require exactly the same results no matter which user
hits the "print" button?  If so, a XML document may not satisfy them.


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