Re: Error handling in XML

At 15:04 20/04/97 +0000, Peter M-R wrote:
>Agreed.  This was one of the major problems of HTML - no editor.  Remember of
>course that an editor is very restricted unless it can read files written by 
>another editor.  That was impossible (until recently) in HTML.  

I think it's actually worsening...

>There is no reason which it shouldn't be possible at the start for XML.  

Right. I wish I had the time to write one :-)

>> are to turn aside from the Avernus of HTML. 
>facilis descensus  ... (actually it's not too bad down there)

Company's good (I know a child of wealthy parents who translated the phrase 
as "it's so easy to slip down to the Auvergne" :-)

>Maybe it's not glamorous, but it ought to make a major difference to search
>engines and indexers 

This is one area where XML ought to shine if structured search engines like
PAT can be used.