Re: Another pseudo-element gotcha

At 15:55 14/4/97 -0700, Jon Bosak wrote:

>It works beautifully with documents that are read-only.  Not all the
>documents that will be on the Web are as evanescent as the ones that
>dominate right now.  Terry Allen has pointed to religious works; how
>about, say, the Statutes of the Realm?

Unfortunately Jon, it does not work with Statutes of the Realm, as work
currently in progress to describe the Statutes in terms of XML has proved.
The problem is that certain articles, etc, tend to get repealed, amended or
extended. When they do you get gaps in the legislation. Looking for Para 4.
of Section (51), subsection (c) using something like (51 section)(3
subsection)(4 para) won't work. Repealing of sections, or addition of new
sections, will probably require you to enter an unintuative request such as
(48 section)(2 subsection)(5 para).Not easy to explain to editors! 
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