Re: Another pseudo-element gotcha

> It works beautifully with documents that are read-only.  Not all the
> documents that will be on the Web are as evanescent as the ones that
> dominate right now.  Terry Allen has pointed to religious works; how
> about, say, the Statutes of the Realm?

Yes, it's perfectly suite to static docs. I just don't feel that they will
be in the majority. 

Encoded law is an area getting a lot of attention here:  our govmt
recently went out to tender for someone to put the last 75 years of
Irish law into an SGML database for CDROM distribution.  Making sure
you keep track of what statute amended what bit of what other statutes,
and what bits of others it was later amended by etc etc is fairly
tricky to get right. XML has been mentioned by at least two of the
bidders as a potential output format for online use, of course :-)