Re: Another pseudo-element gotcha

At 07:49 14/04/97 -0700, Tim Bray wrote:

>Anyone who uses tree-walking-by-number-alone to point to stuff on the
>Web has rocks in their head.  It may be possible occasionally, to
>count typed nodes (e.g. the fourth chapter), but just counting nodes,
>or levels in the tree, is guaranteed, I repeat guaranteed, to fail,
>in a high proportion of cases. 

Emperor's new clothes. I always wondered how it was supposed to work when
so many documents are either dynamically constructed, or in a constant
state of revision. I tend to put IDs on all the things I think people might
want to point at, but that's pretty one-sided too. A combination of regexp
and proximity and element-sensitive searching would help:

id(pubs)foreign(findme beer near pretzel within element ITEM)