Re: addressing into char content with xml-link

At 08:04 PM 10/04/97 -0700, Paul Grosso wrote:
>In discussions with others over that last couple days, I've come
>to the conclusion we should consider added to xml-link the capability
>to address into data character content (aka dataloc).

I had a conversation on this subject with Adam Bosworth, Microsoft
IE VIP - runs the org that Jean works in.

Adam: (waving XML-link) What do we have to do to get regular expressions
      added to the addressing here?
Tim: Ask for it.  But we're worried that we don't know how to do
     regular expressions in Unicode.
Adam: Oh.  (nods, looks looks worried)
Tim: Somebody at Microsoft must know about this stuff.
Adam: Yes; Notepad and so on in NT do Unicode; we'll check it out and
      get back to you.

BTW, I, like James, am very dubious about character and token counting.
Among other things, it's just hopelessly Eurocentric.  If we could get
regexps, that would solve a lot of problems; but I don't think it would
solve Peter M-R's problems; he really seems to want to count molecules.

Is there a regexp lib in Java that operates on their 16-bit chars?

Hmmm... -Tim