Re: New work item for XML group ? (Re: Comments on 31 March spec)

>This breakdown is why I think the XML group needs to add a fourth item
>to its agenda, to be dealt with last, and that is a distributed font or
>glyph service for XML.

Yes. I've been wanting to do such a thing for a few years now. It could
be a very valuable capability.

><p>blah blah <char font="font://www.blah/dame-sans" code="223"
> blah</p> 

I'd rather give the character a name, and use a resolution mechanism
to derive a glyph (and thence a glyph image) from it.

  <char name="FOO">

My idea was to have 2 services: A Global Character Repository, and a
Global Glyph Repository. The GCR would contain mappings from character
names into glyph names, with alternates. The GGR would allow
resolution of the glyph name to some glyph image representation.

I have given a few talks about this over the last few years, and most
people seem not to understand it, or do not understand the value of

If people are actually interested in *doing* this, I would be willing
to start a mailing list etc. to move ahead on it (ie. I'm saying is
shouldn't be part of the XML charter, but does need to be done).