Re: Notation System IDs

In message <199704041655.QAA01855@phaser.EBT.COM> "Christopher R. Maden" writes:
> I mentioned this in my laundry list, but CMSMcQ thought it worth
> bringing up separately.
> <quote>
> Clause 4.6: I *strongly* feel that MIME types should be allowed for
> notation system IDs.  Unless someone can send me a URL for a GIF
> processor that will work immediately on any OS.  Change %ExternalID in
> production [73] to %NotExtId, which in turn is:
>    [73a] NotExtId :: = 'SYSTEM' S (MimeType | SystemLiteral)
> </quote>

I would strongly support this.  I have found MIME types an extremely valuable
tool for building my XML system with as it is often otherwise impossible to 
identify  the type of a document (e.g. the target of a link).  (I take it 
that XML systems are allowed to point to non-XML targets so long as they are
of know NOTATION?)


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