Re: Comments on 31 March spec

At 10:47 AM 4/4/97 +0900, Murata Makoto wrote:
>To get rid of this problem, I would like to disallow number references to two 
>byte characters.  Does anybody have any problems?  I don't think Japanese have 
>any problems.

I don't think we have been clear enough.  The encoding of roman or
cyrillic or greek or hiragana or hangul in the entities can be done
in lots of different ways.  But the characters must all be unicode-defined
characters.  A character reference 瘾 is a number, and that number
is *always* a unicode/10646 number.

So I think that it would be very reasonable to put in a couple of 
character references in a document, for example to refer to a Japanese
word in an English document. - Tim