Re: Feature adjustment

On Apr 1,  3:09pm, streich@austin.sar.slb.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: Feature adjustment
> > Meeting 97/04/01 [printing deadlines for the WWW6 conference are creating
Note date------

> > severe time pressures] the ERB voted as follows:
> >
> >  Add sections 6.1-6.17 (draft forthcoming) enabling the use of the
> >  CONCUR feature in XML.
> This is a test right? You know, like the teacher who throws out an
> utterly ridiculous comment to see who is listening. Okay, I wasn't
> sleeping. I've been quiet, but I didn't miss the absurdity of this one.
> bob
>-- End of excerpt from streich@austin.sar.slb.com

This is an April Fool's joke.  Can you possibly imagine a proposal passing with
only 1 dissenting vote?

Matthew Fuchs