RE: The furore over PUBLIC

While I could support this proposal, please bear with me while I make
some observations:

>From: 	Peter Flynn[SMTP:pflynn@curia.ucc.ie]
>Sent: 	Saturday, March 29, 1997 19:47
>To: 	w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
>Subject: 	Re: The furore over PUBLIC
>Is it too much to propose that an identifier must be 
>either          SYSTEM  "url"
>or              PUBLIC "fpi" "url"

I gather from draft 961114 that the behaviour of an XML system regarding
malformed or unresolvable URLs is not specified ... so I figure it is up
to the implementation.

Production [70] allows the following to be specified in production [69]:

     SYSTEM ""

So what does a conforming XML processor do when it sees this empty
string as the ExternalID's SystemLiteral?

The way I will encode my documents in accordance with the above proposal
is to use:

     PUBLIC "-//my public id//EN" ""

Which I am willing to accept will only be resolvable by XML processors
supporting resolution ... it is my choice to encode my document this

Is it really so much to ask that I be allowed to use the following

     PUBLIC "-//my public id//EN"

................. Ken