Re: draft proposal for catalog resolution

At 13:39 31/03/97 -0500, Paul Prescod wrote:
>alternative Perl program is *difficult*, but I can see an implementation
>cost, and I can't see the usability benefit in allowing people to put
>more than one per line.

Just a whole lot easier to edit if the FPIs and URLs are long and you
have to do the editing via a VT100 screen, emulator, or edit window on
a machine with very coarse dot-density, where very little fits on a line.

Plus it's a whole lot more readable as

PUBLIC "verylongfooverylongfooverylongfooverylongfooverylongfooverylongfoo"

I just found that one of the pieces of SGML middleware I am evaluating
comes with a neat but underdeveloped SOCAT editor for Windoze. I am trying
to persuade them that this would be a very nice freebie if they wanted
something to keep their image in front of people, and provide a public
service at the same time. Just needs a little more attention, is all.

Mind you, it wouldn't be hard to pop up a Java one, either...but that
would raise problems writing to your hard disk.