Re: The furore over PUBLIC

Hear, hear!  I don't usually post, "Me too!" messages, but this one
is, I think, fairly important.  Posts from people like Len have swayed
me to the point that, purely for XML marketing reasons, it will mean a
lot if these high-powered apps can correctly be called conforming XML
applications.  The burden of scanning and ignoring public identifiers
does not seem onerous, and the gain for those who wish to process them
is substantial.


[James Clark]
> At 00:47 30/03/97 +0000, Peter Flynn wrote:
> >Is it too much to propose that an identifier must be 
> >
> >either          SYSTEM  "url"
> >or              PUBLIC "fpi" "url"
> This seems a reasonable compromise to me.  No interoperability is
> lost, because there's always a URL that the system can use.  It adds
> very little burden to implementers: they can just completely ignore
> the public identifier if they want.