Re: draft proposal for catalog resolution [market distinction]

Paul Prescod wrote:
> lee@sq.com wrote:

> > Our market is not going to prefer one mutually incompatible browser
> > or editor or whatever over another -- it is going to prefer HTML or
> > PDF, where these hassles go away.
> Huh? HTML and PDF make these hassles go away by simply not providing the
> functionality that some customers desire.

By whatever mechanism decided on, this is precisely the reason my 
cusomters are trying to create their own mechanism to solve the 
problems of address management that Martin Bryan expressed clearly.

I think that is more problematic than the XML community specifying 
public identifiers.  The hassle is real.  I have to read Michael's 
proposal first.  I won't have anything to add, but I do think I 
should communicate *from the market* that the *market* wants a 
solution to the address management problem before it will consider 
XML.  No they aren't holding PDF and HTML to that same standard; 
that is a bad decision already made.  The market takes a very 
prideful stance towards its mistakes.  What they will do is kluge 
their own solution and those of you who sell to them will have 
to support it.  Not good.

len bullard
lockheed martin