Re: public/catalog [was: Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th]

At 09:36 31/03/97 +0100, Martin wrote:
>You need public identifiers to overcome the location shifts so prevelant in
>modern nucleated systems. Without public identifiers, and catalogs to
>intepret them, you cannot create any valid WWW document set with a realistic
>lifespan of more than 2-3 years as that is the average lifespan of the
>underlying system, and a new system typically means a revised file
>structure. With public identifiers, and an ever expanding set of resolution
>methods, you can envisage this mechanism being expanded to 20-30 years (but
>not beyond, because by then no-one will be using those arcane DOS-based URL
>file paths to locate things beyond about 2010: we will all be using URNs and
>other forms of public identifiers, such as EAN bar codes and numeric

In a nutshell, thanks. I'll shut up now :-)