Re: draft proposal for catalog resolution

Martin Bryan wrote:
> Firstly, I cannot understand the Char* - part of theses productions. Why is
> the initial Char optional, and what role does the hyphen take? Is it the
> same as "-" or does it imply "NOT"?

It is "NOT". That answers several of your questions, I think.

> If a catKeyword may be ignored, what is the difference between when it is
> implemented and when it is ignored? We need to explain this to our Dirty
> Perl Hacker if we are going to leave such cryptic comments in the text.

catKeyword is a hook for extensibility, just as processing instructions
are. We cannot list all of the keywords that TR9401 allows because as I
recall it has a larger fixed list, but also leaves the list open-ended.

 Paul Prescod