AW: public/catalog [was: Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th]

>Von: 	Michael Sperberg-McQueen[SMTP:U35395@UICVM.UIC.EDU]
>Gesendet: 	Samstag, 29. März 1997 04:22
>An: 	W3C SGML Working Group
>Betreff: 	Re: public/catalog [was: Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th]
>On Fri, 28 Mar 1997 18:40:55 -0500 Jon Bosak said:
>>  Could those who claim to be interested in seeing public
>>identifiers implemented in XML please comment on Paul's proposal?
>I think it's close to the Right Thing and thank Paul for his
>draftsmanship.  Having a rule for catalogs that says all XML processors
>have to recognize PUBLIC entries and may skip the rest seems to me very
>close to the &mntdv;, so I think we should build it in and declare
>About finding the catalog, I favor a slightly different solution:
>  1 first, check for a local catalog (location and method of
>    specifying location are part of software installation, outside
>    scope of XML -- but XML processors should always allow for a
>    local catalog)

If there is a local catalog, it seems to be wise to at leas recommend
using formal public identifers.
Local catalog can contain heavily used, slowly (or never) changing
material, in order to reduce network traffic. This ia a real benefit

On the other hand the appearance of a document may be determined by the
reader´s site thus being out of author´s control. But I think the
advantages are more.
>I think having a standard way to find catalogs is critical to
>interoperability of XML processors, so I do want to specify it, though
>Paul is correct that it is in some sense independent of using catalogs.

I agree. In addition to that, catalogs can provide  many benefits in
terms of maintaining and managing documents. It could even be used as a
manifest file for archiving and copying, especially, if  SGML Reference
Types are used (WD-xml-link-97030 Section 5.3) for the entities being
integral part of a certain document.

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