Re: ERB call on addressing

Gavin Nicol wrote:
> >I am suggesting a system where the *client software* (guided by the user)
> >can choose what view of the data it needs and ask for only the sections it
> >is interested in, using sophisticated, SDQL-like queries. I am not convinced
> >that such a system is doable for XML, but I am surprised to hear that some
> >people seem to think that it is not even a long term goal.
> Sure. Let's have all servers support DSSSL, anmd then you can
> send DSSSL specs to the server (only half joking).
> This is not an issue of addressing, or querying, but also
> involves transformation.

What does transformation have to do with it? Just return me a node list,
and a function for getting the node's text, attributes and
sub-nodes (preferably as an XML fragment).

 Paul Prescod