Re: The furore over PUBLIC

At 21:56 29/03/97 -0800, you wrote:
>[Peter Flynn:]
>| Is it too much to propose that an identifier must be 
>| either          SYSTEM  "url"
>| or              PUBLIC "fpi" "url"
>| and leave it to the much-vaunted "market forces" to resolve the issue?
>It is if you feel, as I do, that in the case where a public identifier
>is given, it always takes precedence over a URL.  If it's the other
>way around (the URL takes precedence), and a URL is always required,
>then the public id is just decoration; a special variety of comment,
>if you will.

Or vice versa. "This document conforms to the FPI as given...which you
can find at the URL given if you are not an FPI-resolving engine".