Re: The furore over PUBLIC

On Sat, 29 Mar 1997 21:58:10 -0500 Liam Quin said:
>I think (this is a gut feeling, though) we are seeing the strongest
>support for PUBLIC from people with non-web uses of XML.  These uses
>are perfectly valid, I think, but not if supporting them means
>breaking the web usage.

Well, my primary reason for wanting PUBLIC is that with PUBLIC and
SOCats I see a way to tell my Web client to fetch copies of
Large DTD X (e.g. the TEI DTD) from the local disk, or from a
nearby server, rather than fetching them from the same location
as the document.  I viewed one of Peter Flynn's TEI documents in
Panorama once, at a bad time of day, and it took ten minutes or
more to fetch the DTDs -- viewing a TEI document from a server on
this side of the pond, by contrast, the DTDs took negligible time.

So no, it's not just for local use.  (And in fact, in local use
I almost never actually *need* public identifiers.)

Your mileage may vary.

-C. M. Sperberg-McQueen