Re: The furore over PUBLIC

At 15:30 29/03/97 -0800, Jon Bosak wrote:
>No, just remembering cadences from, um, a long time ago.

They do tend to stick in the mind :-)

>I confess that I am extremely uncomfortable with the position in which
>we currently find ourselves.

I share the blame for having been a pubid zealot for so long. I'm now
part-converted to using URLs -- for the moment, as a stopgap -- but I
really do want to avoid having to reopen this can of worms in 1998.

Is it too much to propose that an identifier must be 

either          SYSTEM  "url"
or              PUBLIC "fpi" "url"

and leave it to the much-vaunted "market forces" to resolve the issue?

After all, we're constantly being told not to write specs, that American
Business knows far more about software specification than any team of
gureaux, and that the market defines the standard anyway :-)