Re: public/catalog [was: Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th]

Let me say it another way.  User agents should not be required to
support catalogues *or any other mechanism specified by XML*
to resolve public identifiers.  There should be *no default
assumed* by publishers.  That's hard to swallow, and most of 
this group is choking on it; ask yourselves whether you need
a specified default mechanism to find a copy of Moby Dick;
ask yourselves whether, had Melville's publisher specified a
default mechanism (e.g., writing to the publisher's address),
you should have to follow it today.

Regards, Terry

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Terry Allen wrote:
> I am unwilling to specify any default resolution mechanism
> for PUBLIC identifiers.  This should be at the discretion of
> the user agent.  

Default means "at the discretion of the user agent, as long as they
support at least *this*." There is no dichtomy between default and

> (And by resolution I mean what Peter does,
> figuring out the indirection and obtaining the item.)  One
> can say that a catalogue is the publisher's advice on how
> to resolve his PIs, but the client should not be restricted
> to that method.  

If we meant that the client should be restricted, we would not use the
word "default", we would use the word "exclusive."

 Paul Prescod