Re: public/catalog [was: Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th]

I am unwilling to specify any default resolution mechanism
for PUBLIC identifiers.  This should be at the discretion of
the user agent.  (And by resolution I mean what Peter does,
figuring out the indirection and obtaining the item.)  One
can say that a catalogue is the publisher's advice on how
to resolve his PIs, but the client should not be restricted
to that method.  (After all, the catalogue will grow outdated
and its mappings will begin to fail, in time.)

Regards, Terry

[I have not had time to read Paul's proposal due to hardware
problems; apologies if I'm just making noise.]

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The basic reason that we do not yet have public identifiers in XML is
because we have not agreed on a default resolution mechanism.  Paul
Grosso has posted two messages that, taken together, propose a such a
mechanism.  Could those who claim to be interested in seeing public
identifiers implemented in XML please comment on Paul's proposal?