Re: public/catalog [was: Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th]

At 09:39 28/03/97 -0600, Paul Grosso wrote:
>Last Wednesday, I posted a simplified rewrite of the XML catalog proposal.
>> From: bosak@atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM (Jon Bosak)
>> Where does the processor find the XML catalog?
>I don't seem to see this as an issue that is necessarily tied to
>either having PUBLIC in XML or to using a Catalog for PUBLIC ids.
>So my answer is to say that's a separate question.

I'm slightly puzzled that you don't seem to see it that way. 
Finding a stylesheet is going to be pretty damn critical, and we
need to make sure it's a 100% robust mechanism. 

>But, I gather from your question that you don't see it that way.
>So my answer is to ask you another question:  how will the processor
>find the style sheet?  If we can solve this problem, surely we can
>figure out how to point to a catalog.

Surely that's back to front? You must find the catalog first, then
you can point to everything else. Or does this imply that catalogs
are for references to DTDs and entity files only, and that refs to
other resources such as catalogs, are not going to be done this way?

>For example invent a PI such as James suggested for the stylesheet:
>	><?XML-stylesheet type="text/dsssl" href="foo.dsl"?>
>	<?XML-catalog type="sgml-open-catalog" href="foo.soc"?>

Looks OK, but how soon is this going to gell?