Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th

On Thu, 27 Mar 1997 05:08:45 -0500 Peter Flynn said:
>1. Can I repeat my earlier request for someone to post a 1-sentence
>   definition of what we mean by "resolution" here, please? As I see it,
>   it's either
>      a. finding out the URL which represents a given pubid
>   or
>      b. (a) plus going and successfully getting it.

In some contexts, (a), in others, (b).  Since once we've done (a),
public IDs are on the same footing as system IDs (i.e. we still have
the chance of network failure, etc.) it's mostly (a) that I think
needs consideration.  But others clearly have different views.

>2. Can someone confirm that in the XML context, "sysid" means "URL"
>   (at the moment) and _only_ "URL", not "local file name"?

The class of URLs does include the class of local file names:  they
typically begin 'file:'.  URLs which don't begin with a URL-scheme
specifier (i.e. a URL like 'foo.xml' or 'mydocs/book/chapter2/foo.xml')
are relative URLs and inherit their scheme from the Base URL, which
can either be specified explicitly in markup languages that have it,
or inferred from the actual location at which the object containing
it was found.

So local files *can* be accommodated; without this, the decision to
restrict system IDs to URLs would never have passed.