Re: ERB call on addressing

[Michael Sperberg-McQueen]
> In my set of imaginary locators posted just now, form 'c' was
> intended to use a circumflex to separate the URL path from the TEI
> extended-pointer portion of the locator.  Somewhere along the way, a
> helpful piece of software appears to have translated it into a '5'
> instead, though I cannot tell you how or why.  My apologies; please
> translate it back, mentally at least.

Indeed?  I saw it as a micron symbol.  An excellent argument against
this character.  I know from experience that the circumflex, the pipe,
and the not sign are extremely unstable on IBM mainframes (trading
places as one switches terminals).  We have here existence proof that
such unstable systems are in use; a much safer character must be

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