Re: ERB call on addressing

On Mar 27,  6:55pm, Paul Prescod wrote:
> Subject: Re: ERB call on addressing
> >
> > >XML and URLs is a sufficient base language for the products to
> > >work together at that level.  (Gavin, yell if I am wrong!).
> > >Note that DyaWeb is a server and Panorama a client.  But as long
> > >as DynaWeb serves up XML using HTTP, XML-Panorama and XML-DynaText
> > >could interoperate without difficulty.  This is the magic of opaque
> > >strings handled by the server.
> >
> > Bingo! I have DynaWeb and Panorama talking together now, with no
> > special support in the URL's. I control the address space, and
> > wish to keep doing so...
> I am suggesting a system where the *client software* (guided by the user)
> can choose what view of the data it needs and ask for only the sections it
> is interested in, using sophisticated, SDQL-like queries. I am not convinced
> that such a system is doable for XML, but I am surprised to hear that some
> people seem to think that it is not even a long term goal.
>  Paul Prescod
>-- End of excerpt from Paul Prescod

Agreed.  As long as the client is basically a display/formatting engine, it is
OK for the server to have total control on the name space, but once the client
starts having some intelligence, there need to be agreements, at some level,
between client and server on what's what.  The server obviously creates the
name space.  The client only requests the server live up to its commitments.

Matthew Fuchs