Re: ERB call on addressing

> >XML and URLs is a sufficient base language for the products to
> >work together at that level.  (Gavin, yell if I am wrong!).
> >Note that DyaWeb is a server and Panorama a client.  But as long
> >as DynaWeb serves up XML using HTTP, XML-Panorama and XML-DynaText
> >could interoperate without difficulty.  This is the magic of opaque
> >strings handled by the server.
> Bingo! I have DynaWeb and Panorama talking together now, with no
> special support in the URL's. I control the address space, and
> wish to keep doing so...

I am suggesting a system where the *client software* (guided by the user)
can choose what view of the data it needs and ask for only the sections it
is interested in, using sophisticated, SDQL-like queries. I am not convinced
that such a system is doable for XML, but I am surprised to hear that some
people seem to think that it is not even a long term goal.

 Paul Prescod

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