Re: ERB call on addressing

Eliot writes:
>A query is a form of address. Or rather, any address is a form of query.
>All addresses are references to properties of objects held in some abstract
>data structure (e.g., groves).  The only question is whether or not the
>forms of address are highly restricted (such the semantics of their
>interpretation are simple and easily implemented) or very general, as in
>the case of unbounded database queries or scripts.

I agree with this, though when I use the term "query", I really
want it to mean something that *may* point to *something*, where
"address" to me means something that always points to an object
(a list of nodes is also an object).

If I ask for record 36 in a database, I would call it
an address, but if I ask whether any records contain "foo"
I would call it a query.

As David points out, perhaps this is a religious/philosophical