Re: ERB call on addressing

> >> Drop the ?/&/; thing and you'll be fine.  Simply allow them without
> >> saying what they mean.
> >
> >Please help a confused soul.
> >
> >Doesn't it make sense to be able to make Panorama-like browsers that can
> >intelligently navigate documents on DynaWeb-like servers without express
> >communication between the vendors?
> Sure, but you can do this using standard URL's. The server controls the
> address space, and hence the navigation that a browser can perform.
> So, in fact, it is not necessary to standardise anything, but to
> rather give servers the ability to manage the address space as they see
> fit.

But maybe the *browser* wants to control the navigation. Maybe it wants to
build a table of contents by asking for all of the "head" elements. Maybe it
wants to build a list of figures by looking for all of the "caption in 
figure" elements. If it doesn't know the query language that the server
supports, and the server has not set up explicit URLs in its own query 
language, then the client must download everything and sort out what it needs 
and doesn't need.

 Paul Prescod

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