Re: ERB call on addressing

On Mar 25,  8:01pm, Jon Bosak wrote:
> Subject: Re: ERB call on addressing
> [Gavin Nicol:]
> | >@xmlToc is the name of a script that generates the XML TOC for the
> | >book named ADVOSUG.  If the choice is between address and query, it's
> | >a query.
> |
> | You *know* this is a script, the browser doesn't. To a browser,
> | this is an address that returns a resource.
> Then I'm not sure what "query" means any more.  How does the stuff
> generated by @xmlToc differ in principle from something a database
> might generate in response to a SQL query?  Is that an address, too?

What this means is that all HTTP requests are really queries of some sort,
although some queries are more obvious than others.  Servers may try to give
the impression of a distributed name space, but after all, any request to a
server may result in an arbitrary amount of computation to determine the
material actually returned.

After perusing this thread a bit, I think Gavin's right that we need to
distinguish this from just query syntax, but for the sake of the client not the
server.  If we consider the Xptr as a query, then we always need to go back to
the server.  If we consider it as an address, then a client can use a cached
document to resolve it.  It could also be construed as an implicit agreement
with the server that whatever comes back has a fairly stable existence.

Also, as current servers don't support this, there's no reason we can't be
ahead of the curve on suggesting a new syntax.

Matthew Fuchs


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