Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th

David Durand said:
> At any rate, I think we will need to keep going here, at least to get
> to the point that we can put an URN in XML and have it be legal.

Early on in the URN development, the idea was that urn: would simply be
added as a URL scheme.  In other words, wherever a URL was allowed,
you could put a URN.

If you adopt this attitude, the only change needed in the XML spec
would be to remind people of this fact, rhaps by saying URI everywhere
instead of URL, or whatever is the current politically correct way
of doing that.

The difficulty comes if you want to give both a URN _and_ a URL for the
same thing -- a practice I consider dangerous at best.  But if URNs
work as well as advertised, tht won't be necessary anyway :-)