Re: XML Conformance Levels [Was: ERB Decisions of March 26th]

At 04:21 PM 3/26/97 -0800, altheim wrote:
>BTW, on talking with Bill Smith about the variance in needs between people
>like Tim and Eliot's needs, what's the likelihood of defining conformance
>levels for XML? This would allow a lightwight app to have, for example:

This is a subject that obviously is worthy of attention.  

At the moment I would argue strenuously against any such facility; I
have a (perhaps impossible) dream that our design goals should be that
every XML processor should be able to process every XML doc.

Clearly we are not being pure about this, because we've already said
that an XML processor can be validating or non-validating.  Also, by
having separate XML-lang and XML-link docs, we are accepting the fact
that a language processor need not do link processing.

Leveling seems unlikely to work.  SQL leveling notoriously does not work; 
SGML leveling has not been a roaring success... are there any success 
stories of this kind? - Tim