Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th

| > Yes, allow PUBLIC: Kimber, DeRose, Sperberg-McQueen, Maler, Hollander
| >  No, no PUBLIC ID: Paoli, Sharpe, Magliery, Clark, Bray, Bosak
| >
| >So in this draft, no public IDs.  It should be voted that *every person*
| >on the No side would change their vote to Yes if there was an agreed-on
| >resolution mechanism for PUBLIC identifiers.

It should be noted that all the NO votes were "no, not ready for this
particular draft, we need to agree on a resolution mechanism before we
can include public identifiers."  There is general agreement that XML
will have public identifiers, but there has to be general agreement on
a resolution mechanism before it shows up in the spec.  XML 1.0 has a
long way to go before it achieves "recommended" status.  This feature
just isn't cooked yet.