Re: ERB call on addressing

In message <> Tim Bray writes:
[... addressing scheme described...]

This fits what I need extremely well, thanks.

> 4. The 'special' case where the item in the Xptr position is just a
>    a string (e.g. http://www.xml.com/faq.xml#A27 or some such) is no
>    longer a special case; we will define an interpretation of a
>    single unmarked string as a TEI Xpointer; we are already going to
>    have to mung the syntax of these anyhow in order to crush spaces...

Please can you/the_gang ensure that the munged syntax is human-readable and 
human-hackable if possible.  I suspect that many of these queries/addresses 
will be authored by humans and no-one seems to think there are good graphical
tools (yet).  I would prefer that we didn't have to type %20 throughout
the string because it's both unreadable and error-prone (at least for me:-)


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