Re: ERB call on addressing

> >Using ";" is accepted practise, and provides the right semantics
> >for XML (addressing), is no harder, or very little harder for CGI
> >programmers to support, allows combined use with fragment specs
> >and queries. It also works in all browsers I've tested (we use
> >parameters in DynaWeb).
> It works with almost no servers. The browser is not the problem here, the
> server is. CGI provides no special support for parameters, and they are
> _not_ widespread practice. And, as Tim pointed out, they are not special
> anymore, according the the RFC.

In all servers I've access to, MIME parameters are passed on unaltered
to the CGI script, which is free to do (for example)
    if (/[?]/) {
and then proceed.

For example, Netscape and Oracle servers handle this fine, as do
NCSA and Apache.

That's well over half of Internet web servers already... so I wouldn't
say "almost no servers".

It's true that they don't pass the parameters to the CGI script in
a separate variable, if that's what you mean, but they don't swallow
them either.