Re: ERB call on addressing

>| Yup.  Obviously.  Also, it's a query.  I totally fail to see the
>| utility, or even the existence, of a distinction between an
>| address and a query.  Given the URL 
>|  http://docs.sun.com/ab2/alluser/ADVOSUG/@xmlToc
>| tell me please, is that an address or a query?
>@xmlToc is the name of a script that generates the XML TOC for the
>book named ADVOSUG.  If the choice is between address and query, it's
>a query.

You *know* this is a script, the browser doesn't. To a browser,
this is an address that returns a resource.

Think of it like virtual memory. You have an address, and are
not aware that the OS is playing games with it behind your

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