Re: ERB call on addressing

>Can you (or anyone) give a clear explanation of when and where the
>semicolon can be used? 

Tim posted the relevant section. 

>I have read RFC 1738 without becoming clear on
>the interrelations of semicolon, question mark, and hash mark.  The
>ERB originally wanted to have something to separate the URL proper
>from the extended-pointer syntax, which did NOT specify explicitly
>whether it was the client or the server which should actually do
>the query.  Would semicolon fit that bill?

The semicolon would fit the bill, though as was noted, currently,
no clients that I am aware of interpret the path parameters. This
does not mean that a client *couldn't* interpret them (fact is
that most clients also interpret URL's... take relative URL's
for example).

I question the desire to separate the Xptr syntax from the URL.
What is the purpose of the Xptr if not to address something?
What do the following mean to people?