Re: ERB call on addressing

Michael Sperberg-McQueen wrote:

> Can you (or anyone) give a clear explanation of when and where the
> semicolon can be used?  I have read RFC 1738 without becoming clear on
> the interrelations of semicolon, question mark, and hash mark.  The
> ERB originally wanted to have something to separate the URL proper
> from the extended-pointer syntax, which did NOT specify explicitly
> whether it was the client or the server which should actually do
> the query.  Would semicolon fit that bill?

I find that RFC 1808 has a clearer description of the URL grammar, especially
where params are concerned. It is quite clear on the syntax:


Unfortunately, the new Berners-Lee/Fielding/Masinter draft appears to 
contradict RFC 1808 with respest to parameters.

   "Extensive testing of current client applications demonstrated that
   the majority of deployed systems do not use the ";" character to
   indicate trailing parameter information, ..."

Our application certainly makes use of ";" to indicate trailing parameters
and I suspect will break if this draft is adopted unmodified. I'd hesitate to
use the "new" Berners-Lee/Fielding/Masinter syntax unless it has already 
become an RFC.