Re: ERB call on addressing

> ? - means that the user-agent is to transmit the URL and Xptr to the
>     server, which is to use the Xptr to extract the desired sub-resource
>     and transmit it to the user-agent.  In this case, the Xptr must 
>     be preceded by the string "XML-PTR=" 
>     e.g.: http://www.xml.com/faq.xml?XML-PTR=ID(A27)

I object strongly to this. I recommed using the ";"
separator to produce a URL parameter instead of a query 
parameter. This does not add anything else to the already
overloaded query area, and allows mixed references and queries.

For example:


This is just as easily handled in CGI as anything else, and
cleanly separates addressing and querying. You can also
use it with fragment specifications.