Re: How to put XML on the Web

> Thus plan C.  Instead of a full-feature Web browser, have a miniature XML
> browser that has *no display semantics* other than those from a
> stylesheet... however, it does recognize (either by hardwired GI or
> architecture-like attribute) a small number of semantically loaded useful
> elements from HTML. This could be either a standalone thing, or something
> embedded in your local Netsplorer, that makes use of the browser's hypertext
> semantics and stylesheeting.
> Plan C looks good to me.

This is rather like Michael and Lou's paper at WWW '94, in which they asked
browsers to be able to map element names to HTML element names, almost
as if they were architectural forms.

A better way than hard-wiring some semantics is to have a Behaviour Sheet,
a small XML document that maps from (element, attribute) pairs into
HTML feature.

One could use the DSSSL transformation process, but that is more complex.