Re: Two more points for cleanup in existing draft

> The bit about parameter entity references is important, as it makes
> clear that the following is valid XML (as it is SGML):
> <!doctype foo [
> <!element foo o o any>
> <!entity % yy '&#37;zz'>
> <!entity % zz '<!entity g "f">'>
> %yy;
> ]>
> a &g; b
> [nsgml says:
> (FOO
> -a f b
> )FOO
> C
> ]

I ran it with NXP. I had to make a few changes :

1.) <!element foo o o any> ---> <!element foo any>
(The ERB hasn't decided yet on this subject, or has it ?)

2.) I had to change the position of yy and zz
(I wasn't thinking about this problem of refering to 
an entity that was not yet declared. Now I need to check
carefully when NXP resolves (is supposed to resolve) entity references)

3.) <!entity % yy '&#37;zz'> --> <!entity % yy '&#37;zz;'>
(Note the semicolon after zz !)

After these changes I got the same results.

FYI: I tested with latest release. It has not been published yet.

Best regards,
Norbert H. Mikula

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