Re: the return of the Public Identifier Question

At 09:50 PM 19/03/97 -0800, Terry Allen wrote:
>This spec constrains processors/parser, posits applications, but
>in its current version makes no requirements on apps (have I missed

Correct; the spec says nothing about app behavior, just about what
the processor gives the app; which is As It Should Be.  The app
in the current spec exists merely to give the processor a 
reason to exist.  

So wrt resolution of public identifiers, it's crystal clear that the 
spec would discuss this as *processor* behavior.

There is an interesting follow-on question: since processors are already 
required (in some circumstances) to resolve URLs, should we say that a 
PUBLIC identifier is merely, as Terry suggests, a redirect, and more 
specifically, a redirect to a System Identifier (i.e. URL for now)? -Tim