Re: the return of the Public Identifier Question

At 13:07 19/03/97 -0600, MSMcQ wrote:
>  - not specifying the order in which applications should try
>    the public and the system ids, but requiring that if the first one
>    fails, the other one should be tried.

As a successful resolution of "Hunt The DTD" is critical to the use
of a valid XML document instance, can something be included about the
reporting of resolution errors (whether SYSTEM or PUBLIC)? I'm thinking
specifically of those wonderful tools we use which, having failed to
find the DTD/ENT/whatever, then also fail to say where they looked,
and fail to provide the user with the option of saying "over here, you
fool!" to the application :-)

I know this is behavior, but in this particular circumstance -- because
further processing of the instance is majorly hindered by failing to
find the DTD -- I think it might be useful at least to hint strongly
to implementors that they need to pay special attention to this.