Re: ERB: decision and conundrum

At 2:46 PM -0800 3/17/97, Terry Allen wrote:
>There are two points here, which have not been distinguished clearly
>in what Tim has posted, although I'm sure he has them distinct in
>his mind.
>  1.  What is the URL fragment syntax for XML; that is, what do
>      fragment identifiers mean wrt XML?

This is the problem we must solve.

>  2.  How can the TEI mechanism be used in URLs in general?

I don't see why we should care. We are defining XML. If TEI pointers are
useful for PDF, let Adobe worry about it.

>After all, I might want to use URLs with TEI xptrs to point to
>almost any kind of data, not solely XML.

Sure, but what does that signify for XML. Nothing, I think.

>Tim's remarks about large XML documents apply just as well to
>other data formats; they can be big, it may be desired to retrieve
>only parts of them, and so on.  It should not be assumed that TEI
>xptrs are going to be used solely with XML, and thus a solution to
>(1) above does not provide an answer to (2), unless the limiting
>assumption is made that for every large data format a special
>query language must be constructed.

They can use our query language if it suits, but I fail to see issue 2 as
even peripherally a concern of this group.

  -- David

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